A series of bitesized webinars aimed specifically at public procurement law.

View our collection of webinars where our procurement experts address public procurement in the UK, focussing on topics that those working with public procurement need to consider.

A discussion of the award stage of procurement with Jenny Beresford-Jones, Kimberley Fraser and Claire Gamage of Mills & Reeve. This was presented as a webinar, as part of our Five in Twenty Five Series, and recorded on 6 July 2022.
Recorded on 19 May 2022, Jenny Beresford-Jones, Rona McPherson and Shailee Howard focussed on the Selection (SQ) Stage. This is a topic we have found always throws up many queries from our clients, not least as selection stage difficulties do regularly form the basis of a legal challenge.
On 9 March 2022 Jenny Beresford-Jones, Shailee Howard and Claire Gamage recorded this Five in Twenty Five webinar focussing on Framework Agreements/Dynamic Purchasing systems.
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