Regulation 84 (1) report - content checklist

Under Regulation 84(1) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, there is an obligation to create a report on every over-threshold public contract and framework agreement entered into, and to send a copy of this to the Cabinet Office if requested to do so.

A Regulation 84(1) report is not required for contracts called off under a framework agreement, if (1) the framework agreement is with a single supplier and is awarded in accordance with Regulation 33(7), or (2) the framework agreement is with more than one supplier but the call-off contract is awarded without reopening competition in accordance with Regulation 33(8)(a). Note that in all other cases a Regulation 84(1) report will be required for a call-off contract.

Use our handy Regulation 84(1) Report Content Checklist to ensure that your report contains the required information and is compliant. Note that the checklist in general only covers the reporting requirements set out at or by reference to Regulation 84(1) and does not cover other reporting requirements (for example, the obligation to report deviations from the standard PQQ to the Mystery Shopper service).

Note too that this checklist will be insufficient by itself to meet the obligations set out at Regulations 84(7) and (8), which require a contracting authority to document the progress of a procurement process; if you would like access to our longer form template Regulation 84 Report (which covers these obligations), please email us.

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