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    Procurement remedies - another blow for bidders?

    The Public Contracts Regulations prescribe 3 potential remedies for bidders but these do not include a power to order an Authority to enter into a contract with a bidder who has been successful in proceedings. However the Regulations do not fetter other powers of the Court and so in principle it is possible to ask the court to order that the Authority must enter into a contract with a bidder following the outcome of legal proceedings.

    What next for Damages?

    A frequent query we see through our portal and at our seminars is what is going to happen to public procurement law post Brexit. The answer we invariably give is 'No-one really knows' and with the seemingly intractable issues of the 'divorce bill' citizens' rights and the Irish border still seemingly no nearer to resolution and it looking likely that Britain will miss the latest ultimatum to advance to trade talks with the EU 27 any time soon public procurement law is the last thing (probably) on the minds of Mrs May Mr Davies and their plethora of officials.

    In good standing...

    The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (and their 2006 predecessors) set out a prescribed statutory framework for bidders and other economic operators in the market to challenge a breach of the procurement rules.

    The cost of fraud in the NHS

    'The financial cost of healthcare fraud 2015' analyses worldwide healthcare expenditure and concludes that 6.19% of total health expenditure is lost to fraud and error.

    CCGs and managing conflicts of interest

    The opportunity offered by NHS England to CCGs to take on responsibility for the co-commissioning of primary care means CCGs are exposing themselves to greater risk of conflicts of interest both real and perceived.

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