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Last month the NHSCB named the CSUs which will be approved to offer business intelligence healthcare (clinical) procurement and business support services - three of the four scale services. Work to finalise the fourth set of scale commissioning support services - communications and engagement services has been agreed this week. Four communications collaboratives will go forward with a lead CSU in each: North of England Midlands and East of England London and South of England. This has led to further discussions to determine the collaborative arrangements and work to develop how the collaboratives will operate.

As you know the approved CSUs have ensured that they are able to deliver against defined standards based on current industry standards the cost structure is appropriate and sustainable; and there is the right capacity and capability to deliver high quality services across the appropriate geographical footprint.

All 23 units are planning on providing business support services which includes information management and technology HR and legal services.

Note: CSUs were initially called commissioning support organisations and then commissioning support services. The NHSCB has said they should now be known as CSUs in order to distinguish them from the wider commissioning support services market place. Following the NHSCB's announcements last month we now have an updated fact sheet on CSUs to help commissioners understand the new arrangements.

Finally the NHSCB confirmed that it has received all wave two CCG applications on time.

The outcomes of wave 2 are due to be considered by the NHSCB in December 2012 while waves 3 and 4 are due to submit their applications in October and November respectively.

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