More from the Commissioning Board - CCG model constitution update

From 1st October 2012 the NHS CB is now an independent statutory body at arm's length to the government.  This means that the NHS CB is now statutorily responsible for the authorisation of CCGs.

Earlier this year the NHS CB produced a model constitution for CCGs and this has now been updated - the changes to the model constitution are largely confined to the guidance notes embedded in the document which have been updated to reflect the NHS (CCGs) Regulations 2012.

The key changes include:

  • the minimum number of governing body members;
  • provision for a new clause setting out how a CCG Governing Board will promote transparency in its ways of working so that the constitution reflects the CCGs Regulations; and
  • amendment the governing body functions.

Although CCGs are not obliged to adhere to the format outlined in the updated model constitution document the framework has been structured to assist with the development of a group's constitution. You can read the NHS CB's announcement here.

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