Join us for our next 5 in 25 webinar on 15 March

Here in the M&R procurement team, we have bravely resisted the idea of calling our next procurement webinar  "72 in 25" ....

Please join us at 10am on 15 March for the latest in our 5 in 25 series, when we will be looking at Regulation 72 PCR 2015 and how to make lawful amendments to public contracts.

As procurement lawyers, much of our work is advising on the running of procurement processes, but our work isn’t over once the contract is signed. The procurement rules impact the ability to lawfully amend or extend a public contract and we are often asked to advise in this area, not least as unlawful variations are a key risk area for procurement challenges. 

In this webinar, Claire Gamage (Principal Associate), Rona McPherson (Principal Associate) and Jenny Beresford-Jones (Senior Legal Advisor) will look at variations permitted by Regulation 72 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and offer some practical tips in relation to these. 

The five questions we will focus on are:  

Question 1: Regulation 72 sets out permitted types of contract change, subject to certain value thresholds. But calculating the relevant value is not always easy: how do we fulfil these value conditions so as to be sure our contract change is lawful? 

Question 2: Regulation 72(8) permits a contract change as long as it is not “substantial”. But what does “substantial” mean in this context? 

Question 3: Regulation 72(1)(a) permits a contract change that has been set out in the original contract. How can we draft the contract to ensure we meet the requirements of this safe harbour? 

Question 4: When could we consider using a VEAT or a modification notice? And when might we want to use both?

Question 5: What is the impact of the Procurement Bill on amendments and extensions to public contracts? 

To book your place at 10:00 on 15 March 2023, please click on this link. If you can't make that time, do please still register as a recording of the webinar will be circulated after the event to all registrants. 

If you are interested in procurement law reform, a reminder that you can visit where you’ll find all our latest materials and recordings on the Procurement Bill. 

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We hope you can join us on 15 March 2023 at 10am

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