The NHSCB publishes new learning tools and other documents

A comprehensive new CCG learning and support web tool has been published. It is designed to support CCGs prepare for authorisation the clinical leadership of commissioning and their development beyond authorisation.

'The Functions of CCGs' has been updated to reflect the final Health and Social Care Act 2012.  The guidance is a summary to which GPs and emerging CCGs can refer. It aims to be helpful in informing the planning and implementation of CCG responsibilities. It also sets out the key responsibilities and statutory powers for CCGs.

The functions of CCGs provides an accessible guide for emerging CCGs and sets out:

  • The key statutory duties of CCGs - 'the must dos'
  • The key statutory powers the things that CCGs have the freedom to do if they wish to help meet these duties

The NHSCB has also published a CCG Human Resources FAQs guide dated June 2012. The FAQs is intended for the use of CCGs to support the employment of senior managers who undertake the roles of Chief Officer (where the senior manager also undertakes the Accountable Officer role) and Chief Finance Officer following the CCG becoming a statutory body and the employing body from 01 April 2013. The guidance is intended to provide clarity in the following areas:

  • Governance issues including the duties and responsibilities of CCGs
  • Remuneration Committees as public bodies
  • The setting of appropriate rates of pay for Senior Managers who undertake the roles of Chief Officer and Chief Finance Officer

Also of interest is the Running costs allowances update for CCGs. From 2013/14 the running costs allowance for CCGs is expected to be £25 per head of population per annum. At this level running costs allowances will be consistent with the requirement to reduce system wide administration costs by one third.

As ever there is a huge amount of material coming out of the offices of the NHSCB.

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