Second wave of CCGs authorised

Almost half of CCGs have now been authorised, the NHS CB announced yesterday. A further sixty seven CCGs have been authorised to commission hospital community health and mental health services on behalf of more than 18 million people. The first thirty four CCGs were authorised in December 2012 and will serve a total population of around 10 million people.

A total of 211 CCGs will be responsible for £65bn of the £95bn NHS commissioning budget from 1 April 2013. The remaining 110 CCGs are set for authorisation over the next two months with the outcomes of waves three and four expected in February and March 2013.

A statement by the Commissioning Board said 'Nineteen of the sixty seven CCGs in the second wave have been authorised with no conditions meaning they fully met all the 119 authorisation criteria. A further 45 CCGs have been authorised with conditions meaning that they will continue to receive formal support to continue their development.'

Three CCGs - NHS Nene CCG NHS Herts Valleys CCG and NHS Medway CCG according to the Board are being authorised on the basis they receive more 'intensive support from the NHS CB and / or neighbouring CCGs underpinned by legal directions.'

Dame Barbara Hakin the NHS CB?s National Director said : 'Even those CCGs authorised with no conditions at all will be working to make further improvements in the future and the NHS CB will continue to support all CCGs in their development.'

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