Merry Christmas!

At this time of year here in the Mills and Reeve procurement team we reflect on the year gone by and on all the queries we have answered via our procurement portal helpline. In no particular order of importance the top five issues this year seem to have been:

  1. Do I really have to advertise on Contracts Finder? How does that fit with our standing orders?
  2. Can I extend or change the contract without having to run a new process?
  3. Do I really need to have all the documents ready to publish when the advert is published?
  4. I think my bid was evaluated incorrectly. Can I challenge?
  5. And finally will Brexit affect public procurement?

If you too are wondering about any of these questions please get in touch!

Roundabout now we also usually succumb to a little festivity and this year is no exception??


I?m dreaming of a perfect procurement
That's advertised transparently
With a reminder
On Contracts Finder
Of every 'opportunity'...

I'm dreaming of a perfect procurement
That treats all bidders equally
With criteria apparent
In docs transparent
And published electronically...

I'm dreaming of a perfect procurement
With ev?ry OJEU form I see
May you always get value for money
And may all your procurements be challenge-free!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Mills & Reeve procurement team!

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