Operating model for specialised services commissioning published

The NHS CB has published the new operating model, Securing Equity and Excellence in Commissioning Specialised Services focusing on services to provide national standards of quality.

The new operating model and associated commissioning intentions mark a clear move away from regional commissioning to a single national approach to both commissioning and contracting. Ten different systems for commissioning specialised services will be brought together and the new operating model will be supported by the NHS CB?s commissioning intentions for 2013/14.

The model will provide a clear focus on a range of rare conditions and low volume treatments from medical genetics to uncommon cancers and some specialised services for children.

Specialised services are said to account for approximately 10% of the total NHS budget?equating to £11.8bn a year.

The NHS CB has published frequently asked questions on the operating model and commissioning intentions 2013/14 which can be accessed from the NHS CB's website.

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