Another big fine for NHS trust caught out with poor information governance

Please don't let this happen to you.

Torbay Care Trust is a facing a fine of £175k for putting sensitive details of over 1,000 staff on the Trust website. The information included not only NI numbers and details of religious beliefs but sexual orientation as well!

The ICO got 'crossed' (again) because the Trust didn't have proper checks in place to stop potential problems. The blunder only came to light when member of the public spotted it 19 weeks later!

The Trust now has a new web management policy!

This case is one of a string of errors by NHS bodies and reminds us that the ICO will not hesitate to hand out hefty penalties. Mind you I am not at all clear how the ICO calculates the amount of the fine. As many of you know I am not convinced he applies his criteria properly and the way he calculates the amount of his various fines could lead him open to challenge. Mind you I suspect we all know he is unlikely to be challenged as (with the exception of Brighton) it is cheaper to pay up and shut up then make a fuss.

Of course if you are ever faced with a fine I'll be happy to take a look for you.



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