Christopher Brennan

| Head of Regulated Procurement
Phone: +(44)(0)121 456 8341
Mobile: +(44)(0)7841 322716

What can I do for you?

I bring to our team over thirteen years of public procurement experience, helping deliver results across a multitude of sectors including health, defence, intelligence, education, central and local government, transport and regulators, and the utilities sector (especially airport operators). I have a significant track record of helping NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations – both commissioners and providers – to streamline their commissioning and procurement activities and to get the right results, both commercially and for their local populations.

Supporting my clients' objectives

I practise the art of the possible; the procurement rules are often seen as burdensome and restrictive, but there is a solution to most situations, or at least a way to deal with them pragmatically and in a way that makes commercial sense. Recently I helped steer to a successful conclusion one of the UK’s first attempts at an employee-led mutual spin-out from a public body which was being abolished – a project seen as a real barometer of the suitability of such an approach. I then helped a cluster of Clinical Commissioning Groups procure an “alliance contract” for partners to work together to deliver urgent care in various medical disciplines -a model believed to have been the first of its kind in the NHS.

What do others say?

Clients and peers see me as pragmatic, sensible and having a can-do attitude. One client recently said that my “enthusiasm for the subject is infectious” (he clearly caught the bug!). Others talk of a “refreshingly common-sense approach” and of crisp, no-nonsense advice. My aim is to cut legal jargon and get to the point – helping clients achieve their commercial goals without fuss.

What else should you know?

I am a member of the Procurement Lawyers’ Association, and I currently chair its working group on the procurement regimes which apply to the National Health Service.